Military / Law Enforcement

Military / Law Enforcement

Our products for the military sector are designed to meet the requirements of the various armed forces within NATO. STAP a.s. is an important manufacturer for security components and meets demanding specifications for both quality and special modifications, such as IRR.

We are one of the few manufacturers who can offer any color shade of our products, because we have our own dye division.

Our products with camouflage prints (up to 5 colors per product) are used mainly in armed forces - tactical vests, holsters, or bags, sacks and backpacks.

We also offer special product modifications, such as anti-bacterial, water-resistant, non-flammable, rot-resistant and other treatments.

The straps can be cut to any length according to the wishes of the customers, or with punched holes of various sizes and shapes. We also offer sewing in loops, sewing on buckles or carabiners, etc.

Based on the supplied parameters, we are able to produce a product according to your specific design, or we welcome any opportunity to work with you to develop a product that meets your requirements and expectations.

Into this sector we have supplied:

Chain Zippers & Zipper Tapes, Hook & Loop Fasteners, Webbings & Straps, Tapes, Elastic Tapes, Wowen Labels & Badges.

For many uses such as:

  • Army - straps and edgings are used to make belts, bulletproof vests, holsters and straps for weapons, backpacks, packaging, etc .. The straps are most often used in khaki, black, green or beige. We can also offer straps with an interwoven camouflage pattern.
  • Firefighters - products from our portfolio with treatment for reduced flammability or from non-flammable materials will be used for equipment for firefighters.
  • Police - straps and edgings, mostly in black, are used for the production of, for example, belts, holsters and straps for weapons, protective vests, protectors, backpacks, bags. Hook and loop fasteners and labels in combination form patches for uniforms.
  • Lifeguards - straps are an integral part of equipment for lifeguards. You can find them in ambulances, they also clamp patients on a mobile bed or seat during transport. Air rescuers, like other workers at heights, use harnesses, slings, helmets and other personal protective equipment, where mostly strength straps are used.
Military / Law Enforcement
Military / Law Enforcement
Military / Law Enforcement
Military / Law Enforcement





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