Chain Zippers & Zipper Tapes


Chain Zippers & Zipper Tapes

Our coil zippers and zipper tapes come in threestandard widths WS0, WS10, WS20 and are mainly composed out of polyester.

We can provide zippers with printed lengths and guidelines.

We also supply so-called interchangeable fasteners, which offer the following advantage: once they are unfastened, they split up into the L.H. and R.H. sections of the zipper, which can be combined arbitrarily with any other L.H. or R.H. section of the zipper of the same supply lot. They are mostly used in the mattress industry in particular, where the fastener is split up as a rule, and after the sewing, the individual sections of the mattress are fitted together without any fear they would not match.

The zippers are produced in about 120 basic colors that can be found in our color card and the minimum quantity is 2000 m, or the count of pieces matching these 2000 m in total.

In case you will require any other color that cannot be found in our color card it should not be a problem if you will provide us with a sample or the textile Pantone color parameters.

We can also offer a wide range of sliders such as auto-lock, non-lock, back-sided, or double-sided type. These sliders are available mainly in raw, white, black or nickel color.

Based on a special request we are able to provide you with sliders matching the tape color, or pullers that are displaying your logo, or have an unusual shape – the min. quantity in such a case is 10 000 pcs/order and the delivery may take upto 3 months.

Automotive Sports / Outdoors Military / Law Enforcement Home Textiles Clothing / Footwear / Bags Healthcare Pet Restrains



Zipper type Zipper width Spiral width Zipper length options (from-to) Count of meters on the spool
WS0 (S40) 25 mm 4 mm 10 cm - 10 m 300 m
WS10 (S60) 32 mm 6 mm 16 cm - 14 m 200 m
WS20 (S80) 34 mm 8 mm 16 cm - 14 m 150 m

Closed end zipper Open end zipper Zipper with two pullers - O Zipper with two pullers - X Continuous Chain
Zipper type Closed end zipper Open end zipper Zipper with two pullers - O Zipper with two pullers - X Continuous Chain
WS0 (S40)
WS10 (S60)
WS20 (S80)

Cut ends posibilities
Printed length and guidelines





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