Who we are

At the moment is STAP a. s. with its 245 employees one of the largest European manufacturers of elastic and non elastic products and zippers. Our production is held on the most modern weaving looms from the Jakob Müller company. These looms are used in both divisions, namely in Vilémov, where the company headquarter is located, and in Velký Šenov. The total production capacity is over 200 million meters per year.

STAP a. s. is certified by the company CQS according to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 standards. In the quality management system, the process approach is applied, being the one of the basic principles of these standards. All processes focus on increasing the satisfaction of customers by fulfilling their demands.

Our main customers are the companies from the automotive, electric engineering, building, garment, shoe-making industries, the health service and textiles wholesale. Nowadays is STAP a. s. one of the last companies in Europe manufacturing Jacquard ribbons, intended in particular for folk costumes or other decorative purposes. Our products are sold in EU and are exported into other European countries, USA, Mexico, South America, Japan and to Russia.

STAP a.s. implements the project Energy saving measures in STAP a.s. - Vilémov (CZ.01.3.10 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 15_010 / 0003136), which aims to increase the energy efficiency of the company. Specifically, it is a question of replacing the pressure dyeing apparatus for dyeing textile materials with more modern and energy-efficient one, which will lead to the company energy savings. Financial support from the European Union (OPPIK) is provided for this project.

  • Estabilished in 1948 by merging small textile companies
  • In its best years, the company had around 2500 employees
  • 9 plants – in Vilemov, in Velky Senov (today the company Tratec), Mikulasovice (today Lemfeld and Alatex), Hradek n/N (today the company Elas), Krucemburk (today Elasta)
  • Currently the company has about 190 employees
  • Plants in Vilemov (plants no. 1, 5, and 6 + headquoters) and Velky Senov (plant no. 2)
  • Certificated according to standards ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO 50001, and also holds ÖKO-Tex Standard 100, class I
  • The company STAP a. s. is 100% owned by it‘s management. All owners work in the company on managerial positions
  • Annual investment of 800.000 € (5% from the total turnover
  • Regular salary increases for employees

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