Wowen Labels & Badges


Wowen Labels & Badges

Woven labels are definitely the right choice if you want to draw attention to yourself and add a "touch" of luxury to your product.

Woven labels last much longer due to the excellent quality of the material used and the fact that the individual stitches are less prone to abrasion than any printing.

Woven labels are ribbons with woven information for consumers. They provide information about the manufacturer, material composition, methods of treatment of the product, the size of the garment and also perform a promotional, decorating and safety function. We can weave ribbons with a maximum of seven colors plus a base color.

In labels, polyester is usually combined with metal-plastic fibers and reflective elements. They are woven from two to eight colors.

We produce labels:

  • without interwoven base - on white and black background
  • with interwoven base - on the base in all color shades

Labels can be supplied in lengths or in pieces with a sealed edge, a folded edge, folded centrally and folded into a loop.

At the same time, we are able to provide lining with non-woven fabric and sewing of individual pieces of labels, or deliver it as a woven zipper puller (simple or with filling).

For the successful production of the label according to your requirements, we require an order with all the requisites and a dimensioned drawing of the label in the required design (can be sent by e-mail in CorelDRAW 11 and lower formats, jpg, gif, bmp, or PDF), including marked cut marks. After receiving all the already mentioned data, we will be able to successfully process your request.

We can supply you with labels in length, the basic price is for 1,000 meters or in pieces (only up to a width of 66 mm) with a sealed edge, or established labels marginally, centrally and in a loop.

At the same time, we can ensure to underlay and sew of individual pieces of labels.

The minimum quantity for entry into production is 300 m, or 3,000 pieces in width, color and design. For higher orders over 1100 m or 11,000 pieces, we are able to provide volume discounts.

We also offer our own selections of labels of unprotected brands, the min. order quantity is 300 m.

Automotive Sports / Outdoors Military / Law Enforcement Home Textiles Clothing / Footwear / Bags Healthcare Pet Restrains



needle technology (woven label edge) Mügrip technology (label edge cut - fused)
width maximum number of colors width maximum number of colors
    10 mm base + 7 colors
    15 mm base + 7 colors
    20 mm base + 7 colors
    25 mm base + 7 colors
    30 mm base + 7 colors
10 mm base + 3 colors 33 mm base + 7 colors
15 mm base + 3 colors 35 mm base + 7 colors
20 mm base + 3 colors 40 mm base + 7 colors
25 mm base + 3 colors 47 mm base + 7 colors
33 mm base + 3 colors 55 mm base + 7 colors
    60 mm base + 7 colors
    66 mm base + 7 colors
    70 mm base + 7 colors
    100 mm base + 7 colors
    150 mm base + 7 colors

Offer of cut and folded labels

Folding of the edges
Folding of the edges
Folding in the middle
Folding in the middle
Cutting and sealing – in
Cutting and sealing – in
Cutting with self – adhesive tape
Cutting with self – adhesive tape
Folding – tie
Folding – tie





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