Hook & Loop Fasteners


Hook & Loop Fasteners

Hook & Loop Fasteners

The complete set consists of loop and hook tapes, and polyamide material is used exclusively.

The basic colour card consists of 26 colours. In addition to the basic execution, they are produced in various modifications – with fire retardant, soil repellent, antibacterial and water repellent finishes.

On the reverse side of the hook and loop fasteners, varied self-adhesive layers can be glued. The loop tape can be combined with a mushroom tape, formed by a combination of polyamide and polypropylene fibres.

Smyčkovou stuhu je možno kombinovat se stuhou houbičkovou, která je tvořena kombinací polyamidových a polypropylenových vláken.

Thanks to our technology, we are able to cut the hook and loop fasteners into individual pieces in such a way that their ends may not fray (ultrasonic cutting), including punching of holes of varied shapes and diameters, and last but not least, varied types of confection (sewing together).

The hook and loop fasteners are produced in the widths of 10, 16, 20, 25, 30, 38, 50 a 100 mm.

We are able to deliver standard hook and loop fastener in black or white color in the adjustment unit (25 m). In the case of dyed hook and loop fasteners, or somehow modified according to your special requirements, the minimum quantity for entry into production is 2000 m from the width and color.

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